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ZS Global has positioned itself as one of the leading property management firm in Illinois.  We deal with all kinds of property management services from rent collection to Section 8 inspections. We aspire to set industry standards and follow all state regulated procedures to bring you the best of our services.

Our team of experts has years of experience in the management services of a wide range of properties. From single family homes to multi-residential units, we understand the legalities and technical jargon concerning all kinds of properties and provide top of the line services based on your requirements. At ZS Global, we strive to bring feasible solutions to buyers, owners and renters alike.

The dynamics of the real-estate industry are constantly shifting and changing. Our team has years of experience understanding these dynamics and the factors which regulate them. We know how to increase the value of a property and bring it up to market standards in order to ensure that not only the investor but also the owner reaps maximum benefits out of any transaction pertaining to it.

​Our Process – How We Function:

Owing to our years of experience in the real-estate market, we know how to gauge value of potential properties. We position these properties prominently by renovating them according to the latest industry standards and regulations and maximizing their value. Once the properties are primed and positioned, we take upon the task of locating potential owners and tenants and offering them profitable deals which create mutually valuable investments for both parties. Read More

Latest Projects

Rent Collection

Dated: 07 Aug, 2018

Timely rent collection is very important to ensure that your cash flow does not get affected adversely. We provide diligently tactful rent collection services at extremely affordable rates.
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Monthly Reports

Dated: 29 Aug, 2018

Your property is an asset to you and we understand its value for you.
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Maintenance and Repairs

Dated: 29 Aug, 2018

Properties of all kinds need regular maintenance work. We employ reliable and trustworthy vendors to undertake all maintenance and repair projects.
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Weekly Lawn and Bush Maintenance

Dated: 31 Aug, 2018

We provide lawn and bush maintenance services to make sure that your property remains spick and span.
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Custom Landscape Renovations

Dated: 11 Sep, 2018

​Do you have specific plans for your lawn or garden but do not know who to trust to bring them to fruition? At ZS Global, we specialize in customized and tailor made landscape renovations.
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Planting and Removal

Dated: 11 Sep, 2018

​Our horticultural experts have extensive knowledge of the plants and the seasons in which they thrive.
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