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About ZS Global:
ZS Global is a property management service firm based in Illinois. Our organization comprises of a team of problem solvers who have years of experience in the property management industry. Following industry standards and regulations, we provide all kinds of property management services from rent collection to Section 8 inspections. We understand the needs of tenants and homeowners alike and thus strive hard each day to bring profitable solutions to our clients. We deal in management services for all kinds of properties from multi-residential units to single residential units. In addition to this, our scope of services also extends to commercial area properties.

Our Vision – What We Envision for You:
Our vision is to bring the most cost-effective and profitable solutions to our clients. Our team works round-the-clock with full dedication to bring our clients the best possible solutions which reap them the maximum benefits

Our Values – What Drives Us:
We strongly believe in dedication, loyalty and efficiency. We are loyally dedicated to our clients and their property requirements no matter how big or small.

Communication and Clients: the 2c that is the core of ZS,we place customer satisfaction and efficient solutions as our utmost priority. We listen and understand our clients’ needs and communicate on a regular basis.See if anything else
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Why ZS Global?

In order to develop a mutually beneficial relationship with our clients, we believe in complete transparency and 100% dedication to customer satisfaction. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose ZS Global to be your choice property management service provider:
  • We have a team of experienced individuals who understand the legal jargon and technicalities involving property management services.
  • We have extensive experience in dealing with properties of all sizes from single to multi residential units as well as commercial properties.
  • We ensure that all our services are in compliance all applicable laws, including Fair Housing and Fair Credit Reporting Act.
  • We cater to both tenants and property owners and strive to bring all our clients profitable solutions.
  • We have years of experience in picking out potential properties, renovating them and bringing them up to market standards in order to increase their profitability.
  • Our team is always up to date with the latest state regulations and shifts in industry dynamics.
  • We know how to prime properties and provide expert services in locating potential tenants and owners to create mutually valuable investment for all parties.
  • We place customer satisfaction and efficient solutions as our utmost priority.
  • We make use of the latest and most innovative systems to bring you the most feasible solutions.
  • All our services are backed by extensive research and calculations to ensure their feasibility and benefits for our clients.
  • We are driven by our goal to maximize the full potential of our clients’ properties and real estate investments.

Choose Us to Serve You:
Real estate management is not an easy task especially if you are a newbie and tend to get overwhelmed by all the technical jargon and complicated terminologies. This is where our services step in. We provide reliable, trustworthy and professional services which leave you without a worry in the world. We try to facilitate all our clients with the most feasible solutions at the most reasonable costs. By choosing us, you are guaranteed cost effective solutions for all your property management needs.

Our Scope of Services:
At ZS Global, we provide services in the following areas
  • Rent Collection
  • Monthly Reports
  • Maintenance and Repairs
  • Section 8 Inspections
  • Tenant Screening and Leasing
  • Weekly Lawn and Bush Maintenance
  • Custom Landscape Renovations
  • Planting and Removal
  • Retaining Walls
  • Drainage Solutions
  • Tree and Shrub Trimming

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