Weekly Lawn and Bush Maintenance

We provide lawn and bush maintenance services to make sure that your property remains spick and span. We employ the best personnel for garden landscaping services who ensure that your property does not fall into disarray. By employing our services you can rest assured that your lawn will always be well nourished and lush throughout the year.

Custom Landscape Renovations

Do you have specific plans for your lawn or garden but do not know who to trust to bring them to fruition? At ZS Global, we specialize in customized and tailor made landscape renovations. We sit with our clients in order to get a clear understanding of what it is that they require. Once we understand their requirements, we employ the right staff for the job that can ensure 100% customer satisfaction.


Planting and Removal

Our horticultural experts have extensive knowledge of the plants and the seasons in which they thrive. By making use of thorough research and the latest tools we take care of your property’s plantation needs. In addition to this, our lawn care technicians also have extensive weed and pest management expertise.


Retaining Walls

Retaining walls require special expertise in order to have an aesthetically pleasant end result. They require specialized materials and expert human resources. Our construction experts have years of experience in commercial as well as residential retaining walls. They know how to create retaining walls that accentuate your property and increase their aesthetic value.

Tree and Shrub Trimming

Trees and shrubs increase the aesthetic value of any lawn or garden. However, they need to be maintained properly in order to keep looking their best. By taking care of your trees’ and shrubs’ nutritional and maintenance needs we make sure that they thrive and remain healthy. We provide tree and shrub trimming, pruning, fertilization and pest management services at affordable rates.


Drainage Solutions

An efficient drainage system is one of the most important components of any valuable property. A poorly constructed drainage system can damage the entire indoor and outdoor infrastructure of your property. Our team of experts understands the importance of a well-planned drainage system and provides all kinds of solutions pertinent to drainage issues.  We offer all kinds of drainage services from cleaning and repairs to blockages and maintenance.


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