Property Management

Rent Collection

Timely rent collection is very important to ensure that your cash flow does not get affected adversely. We provide diligently tactful rent collection services at extremely affordable rates. At ZS Global, we offer tenants various deals and incentives to ensure timely payment of rent. We make sure that all transactions are handled respectfully. This in turn leads to you to form a mutual bond of trust with the tenant which is beneficial for your property in the longer run.

Monthly Reports

Your property is an asset to you and we understand its value for you. To keep you updated and worry free, we bring you monthly reports from your properties so that you are always in the loop. This way, you always know the monthly budget, expenses, income and all other crucial parts of your property finances.

Maintenance and Repairs

Properties of all kinds need regular maintenance work. We employ reliable and trustworthy vendors to undertake all maintenance and repair projects. Our contractors and maintenance personnel are equipped with the latest tools to make sure that all repair work is completed in a cost-efficient manner.

Section 8 Inspections

We make sure that all properties managed by us are compliant with the latest industry standards and all the state regulations. By helping you understand state regulations and providing you with personnel that prime your property efficiently, we help you clear Section 8 inspections. By performing regular inspection of your properties, we gauge the amount of maintenance work they need in order to fulfill Section 8 inspection criteria. Once we understand the scope of work required, we bring in proficient staff that can perform the tasks efficiently.

Tenant Screening and Leasing

Finding trustworthy tenants can be quite tricky. We make sure that we screen all potential tenants and run solid background checks on them. All tenant applications are screened through evaluation of credit history, criminal background, sex offender registry (where allowed by law), employment verification and residency/rental history. Once the applications are in compliance with all laws and regulations including Housing and Fair Credit Reporting Act, we proceed to a lease agreement and signing.

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